How to Play the What If Game.

What if today I decided that ANYTHING was possible?  What if I what iffed all day long and didn’t give a rat’s a** how it could happen or what someone might think?  No how ifs, when ifs or WTF ifs.  I could just what if all over myself until the cows come home. (Don’t really want any cows to show up.  That would be weird.)

What if I walked out of my room and I fell into a lagoon in the middle of the Maldives?  What if I woke up with George Clooney embracing me in bed, complaining about Amal’s work ethic? What if I could eat brie and French bread in inappropriate quantities and never gain a pound?  (The disturbing thing is that I just got a little more excited about the brie thing than George in my bed.  I need to reprioritize my what ifs!)

Somewhere between skipping through the house with a potty diaper around my knees and learning to keep my cool in the presence of 13 year old Billy Ruffuffnick, I forgot the joy of my childhood what if game.  “What if I trained monkeys and raced dragon-fueled golf carts for a living?”  “What if I sang torch songs on Broadway while fighting crime in the wee hours of the morning?”  “What if I turned my brother into a shoe and left him on the sale rack at JC Penney’s?!”

The possibilities were endless!  There was no concept of “I can’t do that!”  Everything was “I can do ANYTHING!”, and then mom made me snacks.

There are still so many possibilities available to me; to anyone.  Most involve at least leaving the house and possibly some stalking (in the case of George Clooney) but it’s all possible!  The main point of the what if game is to remind myself to dream a little, or dream a truck load!  It’s silly and fun and makes my heart feel child-like and reckless.  It also gets creativity flowing in ways that can be channeled back into what’s real right now.

How about YOU play a little game of what if and what if all over yourself today?!  Go on!  Get your play clothes dirty!