Sage Advice From a Little Love Guru

“How do you feel your love is going?”

“Good, I think!  Why?”

“There are shelves in heaven filled with love flowers.  When people love each and choose each other, their shelves fill with flowers . . . and that fuels heaven.”

“How do you know?”

“I saw them before I came here.”


“You have to keep putting flowers on your shelves.”

With that, she covered the porch steps with petals and had my daughter and her boyfriend walk down them with bouquets she’d made.

Where has this little love guru been hiding?!

She’s seven years old and giving sage advice sporting protective glasses, protective gloves and no pants.  I hear that’s what all the little angels are wearing these days.

When you hear something so wise from a little one, you have to take notice.  I mean, she hasn’t been away from “heaven” that long and probably remembers a lot more than those of us who’ve been gone a while!  She hasn’t become cynical.  She hasn’t become angry.  She still has that pure, loving, innocent heart.

Not that she’s all wings and fairy dust.  She’s learned to handle herself on this ball of earth.  From what I hear, she’s a bit of a badass.  She’ll paint you pictures of sunsets and stroke your hair but if you try to mess with her, she might throw a punch to the ole honker.  Her big brother will attest to that.

All of us have things to do and places to go while we’re here on this planet.  No one has time to sit on a rock day and night being all spiritual and zen, but we can start taking notice of what we’re filling our shelves with.  We can make it a point to deliberately fill them with more than what annoys us throughout the day.

We can choose to notice the beauty.  We can decide to be good to ourselves and others.  We can throw down some “love petals” for someone to walk on.

Our days get filled with so many things like frustration, stress, anger, fear and worry.  We’re not even fully aware of all the negative vibes surrounding us.  How many shelves are being filled with that?  I wonder what the ratio is?  Love Flower Shelves vs. Cranky Pants Shelves.

Maybe if we keep this seven year old’s wise words in mind, we can tip the scales in favor of love each day and make the world a sweeter place.

Just picture it . . . every time we’re tender . . . every time we’re compassionate . . . every time we choose each other and put our love in action . . . we fill our shelves with fragrant, vibrant flowers . . . and they fuel heaven.

I’m obsessed with the visual.

How is your love going?

Sometimes the best advice comes from a little angel with no pants on.


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