Get on Your Soul Cycle

I went to my first SoulCycle class.  Good for your mind; good for your body; good for your spirit; bad for your a**.

SoulCycle is an empowering fitness class that has you sprinting, dancing, bouncing and lifting weights while locked into a pretty yellow cycle of hell.  Candlelight sets the visual mood and loud, base pounding music sets the soul intention.  It’s like riding into a dimly lit disco on a vagina torturing unicorn in a confusing room of mirrors, led by Zoolander.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

Getting on the latest trend train and trying something new makes me feel a little brand new.  Yes, I was slightly intimidated by the younger, more toned crowd I was riding with but I didn’t feel self-conscious.  What I did feel was a questioning of my sanity about 20 minutes in and a significant rise in lactic acid.  What the hell was I thinking?!  What made me decide this was a good idea?!

Five minutes later I was on a sweaty high, knowing I could conquer the world, or at least the pain in my thighs.  I felt like Rocky without the boxing gloves.  At the end of the session when I figured out how to unlock my shoes from the pedals so I didn’t have to do the class AGAIN, I bowed my head with a silent “Namaste”.  I was a survivor.

Life is full of opportunities  . . .  to test your endurance, or faith, or humor or fearlessness!  Get on YOUR Soul Cycle and pedal your a** to somewhere you can’t wait to be!