4 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Probably Stick To.

The holidays are over and now everybody’s talking about their 2018 New Year’s resolutions.  We all need to improve our diets, write our goals, better our finances, live more passionately and generally step up our sorry games so we can live our best lives.  I guess I better pull out the kettlebell and kale . . . AGAIN!

Making resolutions is easy.  Keeping them isn’t.

Sure, some resolutions feel fairly easy right now.  We’re all motivated to eat healthier because we’ve been dining on flour, butter, sugar, salt and an occasional beast since late November.  I can barely think about putting on a pair of real pants without feeling stressed.  Eating a zucchini sounds thrilling to me.

But what about all those other things we want to do or know we should do?  All those things we started last year and then conveniently forgot by mid-February?

The new year is definitely a great time to hit the reset button, but we don’t have to do all the things, all the time, all at once.  That can get overwhelming and then motivation goes right down the toilet, along with the kale.  What good are goals if you become homicidal in the process?

Instead of extreme resolutions, how about some simpler changes that can make a big impact?  I like these:

Move more.

Depending on your current level of fitness, just add a little bit more.  If you don’t exercise, try doing it 2 times a week to start. (That doesn’t include chasing the ice cream truck.)  If you walk 3 days a week, add strength training a day or two.  Hide in the bushes and stalk the boot camp group.  Whatever it takes.

Don’t buy a gym membership for 5 years (long term DISCOUNT!) and promise yourself to go 6 days a week for the rest of your miserably healthy life.  Chances are, you won’t.  Joining the gym is NOT a great step toward improved health.  GOING to the gym is.

Take a small action toward improvement and incorporate it solidly into your routine.  You can add more later.

Eat less cr*p.

Nobody says you have to restrict your diet mercilessly and eat a brussel sprout and carrot medley 3 times a day in order to be healthier.  You don’t have to drink offensive green concoctions or eat uninspired fowl.  You can cut out chips and pork rinds, if that’s your issue.  You can ditch the donut holes and 3 sentence coffee orders.  You can throw away the fake cheese powder.  You can limit your alcohol intake. (GASP!)

Eliminating one unhealthy food habit and adding a salad once a day or fruit in the morning is a start.  Not so bad, right?  Begin by changing one thing, not 29, and then build upon that.

Work smart.

We’re already stressed enough.  Do we really need to add MORE things to do to our days?  Do we have to be more productive and 10X everything we do?  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

Set goals, but don’t make so many you can’t get any sleep or see your family.  Work smart, not more.  Be efficient, not busy.  Get up 15 minutes earlier (Only 15 minutes!) so you don’t have to drive like a maniac to work every day.  Stop wasting time on social media in the morning and get those “have-to” items off your list first.

Decide what you want to reasonably accomplish in the hours you have and do it!  If you can focus and stop the distractions, you’ll get more done in less time and then you’ll have plenty of time to lie about your life on Facebook.  

Have some *&%@#!! fun!

I’ve come to believe, as I’ve grown steadily ancient, that life isn’t just about lying to yourself and being productive.  It’s about peeing in your pants from laughter and making memories with the people you love.  Boy, have those two things gotten the shaft!  I don’t see many people putting “Don’t take life so seriously” on their resolution list!  I used to feel guilty if I wasn’t accomplishing maximum output every day.  BORING!!

Get out and have some fun.  Plan it like you plan all that other stupid sh*t you think is important, and don’t just do the same two and a half beers at the bar on Thursdays!  Do something different! Meet new people.  Learn something new.  Do it a lot.  It’s good for your heart. 

The new year doesn’t have to be mapped out with 72 goals in 365 days with 5 measly days off for good behavior.  Begin the year by changing one or two unwanted habits with small actions and building on positive ones you’re already doing.  Resolutions shouldn’t be so overwhelming you can’t stick to them!

Move more, eat less cr*p, work smart and stop putting off the stuff you need to get done.  If you start there, you’ll feel better, you’ll be more efficient and you’ll have more time and energy for the kind of creativity and fun that makes you WANT TO BE ALIVE!

Cheers to the New Year!  Wishing you a happy, healthy, abundant and shamelessly pleasurable 2018!



4 Replies

  1. Annie Reply

    You had me until “throw away the fake cheese powder” and “limit your alcohol intake”.

    This is the year I stop taking everything so seriously and make small easily-sustainable improvements. Great post!!

    • Tancie Leroux Reply

      I never said you HAD to throw away the cheese powder or limit alcohol. Those were examples . . . You get to choose what works for you. 🙂

  2. Randy Reply

    As always, well put! I need to rethink mine.

    • Tancie Leroux Reply

      Thank you! Happy New Year!