Coaching Services

Life isn’t just about survival. It’s about REVIVAL.
You’ve done the sowing. It’s time for reaping.

Having a Life Coach is an investment of your time and finances and making the decision to hire one means you’re making a commitment to bettering yourself and improving your life.

With my support, we’ll create a personalized plan just for you because there’s no one size fits all when it comes to your life.  You decide the goals and outcomes and together we’ll implement them.  By listening and asking the right questions, I can give you insights and strategies that will guide you to the answers within you and improve the quality of your life quickly.  You can get to a more stable, functional and better feeling place while you’re getting through any struggles you’re currently experiencing.


  • 15-minute preliminary phone call
  • 1 60-minute coaching session
  • 1 week of follow up email support


  • 15-minute preliminary phone call
  • 4 60-minute coaching session
  • Unlimited follow up email support


  • 30 days of unlimited email coaching.
  • Responses within 24 hours, but may be as quickly as a few hours.


  • 90 days of unlimited email coaching.
  • Responses within 24 hours, but may be as quickly as a few hours.


After booking, we will have a  15-minute preliminary phone consultation to determine whether coaching is the right fit for you. Each coaching session is 60-minutes long and includes  follow up email support in the event you have questions, concerns or victories! Larger packages available for a discounted rate. Please email me for custom pricing.


All contact will be though email. Email coaching is perfect for you if: you prefer to express yourself through writing, like time to think before responding, have difficulty finding quiet or private space for phone calls, like the option of being able to email whenever it’s convenient for you or want a written record of the advice you’ve received or the progress you’ve made. Email coaching is also an affordable alternative to phone coaching! After booking, I will send you a Welcome Packet so I have a clear understanding of your life situation, current challenges and the goals you’re looking to achieve with coaching. Once I receive your reply and review your information, I’ll send a detailed response within 2 days.

  • Testimonials

    “Tancie’s talent in tapping into common “issues” with humor, compassion and love is exactly the approach I needed for my personal growth and self-reflection.” – M.J.
    “Tancie is a breath of fresh air in the life coaching world: the perfect mix of no-bullshit-authenticity, empathy, and kindness.  Her perspective on life is so unique and real – talking to her makes me feel like it’s okay to just be human, whatever that ends up looking like.   She’s also hilarious, which isn’t a requirement, I know, but I certainly welcome her sense of humor when we’re chatting about uncomfortable life things. She’s a game-changer.” – Elise
    “Tancie is a very compassionate and intuitive coach and she gets to the core of issues quickly.  Her patience, kindness and sense of humor made it easy to talk to her and she was able to give me insight into behaviors that confused me for years!” – Tamara