Tancie Leroux - Certified Life CoachHi, I’m Tancie – Certified Life Coach, mom, writer, hiker, dreamer, recovering perfectionist and smart ass.

I came to Los Angeles as a naïve 18-year-old with two goals in mind: Graduate college and get into the entertainment industry. I accomplished both and a whole lot more.

For years and years, I worked in management at production companies and networks until one day, I just couldn’t do it anymore. I’d had enough of the dream. I wanted to explore a life without daunting commutes, self-absorbed executives and 50 shades of stress. I longed to hookup with that mysterious lover called “time”. . .

So I quit. I quit real good. With my two kids out of the house and a husband promoted to the afterlife, I began thinking about what was next for me. I considered what I enjoyed, what I was good at. I took classes, read books and started my beloved writing again. I refined my skills and befriended my intuition. I took a leap . . . And here I am, doing something I love . . . Writing awkward bios and helping others figure it out, too.

I used to think I had to be a super-hero to earn the right to a happy, fulfilled life. When a loved one or I hit a rough patch, I was all over it like a cheap suit, spinning plates and juggling balls with well-coiffed hair, dry armpits and a free hand for Chardonnay. It was exhausting.

Nowadays, I leave the spinning and juggling to Martha Stewart and the Circus. I’ve learned through lots of inner work and many tears that life feels much better when you’re imperfect, vulnerable, clear and sane . . . So much better than hustling for approval and control.

I have loads of life experience. HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD DO I HAVE LIFE EXPERIENCE!! I know a thing or two about business, parenting, health, habits, beliefs and happiness. I’ve got some cool certificates from some cool courses and I have a passion for helping others feel better.

There’s nothing sweeter than knowing you don’t need anyone or anything to change in order to find your way back to yourself. I’m doing it. You can, too.

Put an ear to your heart. I’ll help you listen.