Month: December 2017

Does Bing Crosby Make YOU Cry?!

I’ve been crying all week.  Every time I hear something upsetting, I cry.  Every time I hear something wonderful, I cry.  Every time I see my credit card statement, I cry. I think my heart gets softer in December.  I start feeling all the feels twice as much.  Glitter makes me emotional and white twinkle […]

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Are Your Beliefs Keeping You Stuck?

All of us want things.  All of us have desires.  Some may be yearnings we’ve held in our hearts for a very long time.  We look around and see others getting what they want and wonder, what am I doing wrong?  I’m doing my affirmations.  I’m feeling grateful for what I have.  I’m trying to […]

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Do the Holidays Have to Make You Crazy?

(From the archives . . . ) The Christmas holidays have always been my favorite time of year.  As a child, I spent much of December making decorations out of things nobody wanted and baking anything I could put red and green sprinkles on.  I created homemade gifts for family and used saved-up chore money […]

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