Month: February 2017

Today I Celebrate the Love.

(Sunday, February 19th) Today is my husband’s birthday.  For 30 years, I celebrated this day with assorted cakes, balloons, cards, gifts, family and friends.  Now 7 years without him, my heart still feels a little raw when February 19th rolls around. Grief never goes away completely.  It shifts.  It lays low.  It hibernates.  And then […]

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Are You Communicating Effectively or Is Mama P*ssed?!

When I was growing up, my mother had trouble communicating her feelings.  She’d shy away from speaking up until she got so frustrated and angry, she’d blow!  You’d be rolling along, thinking everything was okay and then BAM!  Mama’s p*ssed! She didn’t like conflict and tried to let go of the little upsets, but they […]

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