Month: September 2015

Are You Ready To Take It Off For Happiness?

The summer heat hoedown is coming to a close and autumn has arrived.  It’s the season when the days begin to grow shorter and colder and nature signals it’s time for us to pack up the beach gear, close the windows and prepare for the changes ahead.  With less light and cooler temperatures, deciduous trees in many […]

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How To Stop Being A Negative Neuron Nellie.

Why is it so easy to blow off a compliment but grab onto a criticism with both hands!? “Hi honey.  You look beautiful tonight and dinner looks amazing!” “Oh, thanks.” (yawn) Minutes later at table . . . “How’s the chicken?” “I think it got a little dry sitting in the oven, babe.  Sorry I was […]

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Whose Mindset Could You Try On?

I was thinking the other day that it might be fun to go through life chasing the big scary dreams in an Olivia Newton John mask.  No one would see ME so it wouldn’t matter if I made a mistake.  It would be Olivia’s stupid screw-up, not mine.  TAKE THAT for playing a disco-roller skating muse in […]

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