My job as a coach isn't to deliver a bunch of fancy techniques and tell you what I think you should do to get what you want. My job is to question the thinking that's gotten you right smack in the middle of the present "not what you want" situation . . . All those opinions, judgments, excuses and beliefs that are swirling around in your head, messing up your dream life.

    Nothing will change for long until you question the thoughts that are keeping you stuck in old patterns. Nothing will change for long until you understand where the resistance is coming from. Nothing will change for long until you bring all those deeper beliefs to the light.

    The perfect advice or list of color-coded goals won't do much for you if you don't understand the dynamics of what's going on below the surface. You have to get curious. You have to look and your thoughts and allegiances. You have to have a mind that's not at war with itself. "We can't solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." Brilliantly put, Mr. Einstein.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to live right here in the present with a clear mind, where you have the freedom to deliberately choose without limits, instead of choose by default thinking?! Wouldn’t it be nice to feel free?

    It’s not just about doing. It’s about undoing and then taking inspired action.

    It's time to get inspired!

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    Tancie Leroux - Certified Life Coach

    Tancie Leroux

  • Who I am

    I'm an empath. That's what they call you if you're extremely sensitive to the feelings and energies around you. It's really helpful in understanding the needs of others but sometimes a little prickly picking up all the "feels", you know what I mean? All in all, definitely a thumbs up!

    I decided to start coaching after I quit my corporate job of many years. I wasn't happy anymore, and I wasn't okay with not being happy anymore. I'd already lost my beloved husband of 26 years. I wasn't about to lose the rest of my time, too.

    So, I decided to do the thing I've loved to do my entire life . . . Tell everybody else what to do. Yeah, just kidding. I decided to help people who felt stuck like I was.

    I'm a good listener and I have that "feels" thing going on. I've also done a whole bunch of the life thing, so I know my way around the block. I can help you clear the path to everything you want. We can do it together.

    We all have a story. I've given you some of mine. I can't wait to hear yours! Seriously. Can't wait.


    what i do

    I listen, I question, I point stuff out, I encourage. I listen, I question, I point stuff out, I encourage. We may have to do this a lot.

    I help you understand why you do the things you do and why you get the results you get. I'll also help you understand why resistance comes up when you start to become more aware of the negative patterns in your life. You're totally going to get over that!

    I'm committed to helping you get clear about what's getting in the way of lasting change. I'm committed to helping you take responsibility for where you are right now. I'm committed to partnering the hell out of you to finally get what you want in every area of your life!

    I'm going to get really excited about your life! I'm going to get really inspired! It's going to be really weird if you're not doing this with me. Right?

    It's time.


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