My job as a coach is not to tell you what to do to become the best you. My job is to help you question all the things you’ve put in the way of being the best you . . . All the excuses and beliefs that have kept you from living your naturally happy, abundant life.

    It’s not about finding that one passion and struggling to get more, more, more. It’s about shedding the thoughts, beliefs and resistance that keep you from discovering ALL of who you are right now and those endless possibilities.

    You don’t need to know your “soul’s purpose” to begin a successful life. You need awareness and clear thinking. Once you stop believing all the nonsense going on in your head, you’re free to feel good and explore without limits . . . and then the abundance just naturally flows all around you.

    It’s not about doing. It’s about undoing and then taking inspired action.

    Let's get inspired together!

  • Tancie Leroux

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    Tancie Leroux - Certified Life Coach

    Tancie Leroux

  • Who I am

    I'm an empath and highly sensitive. I've always been able to pick up feelings and subtleties that are happening beneath the surface. This has served me well but hasn't always made life easy! Intuition is my greatest ally.

    I believe we're all capable of doing anything we choose once we have a deeper understanding of our thoughts and how they shape our worlds. Add a dose of humor, and we can be unstoppable!

    After major life changes, including the loss of my husband, I'm on a new path. I've dropped trying to be perfect and have chosen clarity and happiness instead. You can do it, too, and together we can revive and reinvent your life into something that fulfills and excites you!

    We all have a story. You can trust me with yours.


    what i do

    I listen, encourage and help you unearth what's happening beneath the surface.

    I help you understand why you do the things you do and why you're getting the results you're getting.

    I ask the kind of questions that make you aware of what you're thinking and how it affects your actions, your body and your emotions.

    I help you get clear about what you want and why you want it so you can get excited about your life again!

    It's time to get inspired!


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